Leesa writes the main blog but after we have had guests to stay we often ask them for their thoughts

Guest blog

August guest blog by Lynne & Heather

Lindfield to Lauzun or should I say Montignac de Lauzun. If I had wondered why a successful local artist would drop everything and move to Lauzun, as soon as I arrived at Maison du Fort all of my questions would have been answered. The beautiful manor house, in beautiful grounds, surrounded by beautiful countryside in … Read more

July guest blog by Archie & Bertie

Bertie and I spent the most amazing two weeks volunteering at Maison Du Fort. I had not seen Leesa for several years after leaving her weekend art classes and had last met Alastair and Cersei way back in 2011! I noticed Maison Du Fort’s volunteering scheme on Leesa’s Instagram and could not help but get … Read more