December 2023 – winter round up

NOVEMBER – SOURCING & MAKING So, I have found the house to be a treasure trove of beautiful vintage furniture, linens and crockery. However, there are gaps. The family took a few treasured, or actually expensive, items (an amazing painting from the office – that I was hoping they would over look – fat chance!) … Read more

August guest blog by Lynne & Heather

Lindfield to Lauzun or should I say Montignac de Lauzun. If I had wondered why a successful local artist would drop everything and move to Lauzun, as soon as I arrived at Maison du Fort all of my questions would have been answered. The beautiful manor house, in beautiful grounds, surrounded by beautiful countryside in … Read more

July guest blog by Archie & Bertie

Bertie and I spent the most amazing two weeks volunteering at Maison Du Fort. I had not seen Leesa for several years after leaving her weekend art classes and had last met Alastair and Cersei way back in 2011! I noticed Maison Du Fort’s volunteering scheme on Leesa’s Instagram and could not help but get … Read more

May 2023 – la Fête du Muguet

So the start of May, the 1st, is a significant bank holiday in France known as La Fête du Muguet.  Long associated with spring, renewal and luck, lily of the valley blooms everywhere and the beautiful fragrance fills the Manoir’s front garden, It is given as a gift and it’s thought that the tradition of offering … Read more

March & April 2023 – Gardening time

March has got away from me. I think with the start of spring and the garden beginning to open up, the start of the month was magical. The month was stormy in terms of billowing winds – good grief the roof creaked (actually thought it was coming in one night!) and it snapped a tree … Read more

February 2023 – the month of love

The month of love.  Only for the House!!  So now the rewiring and plastering of the stairs and landing have been completed (still wiring in bedrooms and Studio to go) the layers of sealing and painting is the next thing to do. I always start painting like “whoo yes it’s looking so clean” and then second layer … Read more

January 2023 – Bon année

A very happy new year to you all. So new year is a big thing here in France – not so much the fireworks (can never find any…) but parties in the village Salle de Fetes and at home. Lots more decorations, party hats and party poppers can be found in supermarkets and party shops … Read more

November 2022 – Birthday month


We are racing through the year, November already. Cersei’s birthday was celebrated with an old fashion dormitory style sleepover and fire pit with her new friends.  It was also my birthday and around this time is when I started to miss my friends and family. You can be so busy with this exciting project but then … Read more