October 2022 – French lessons

“TIMBER….!” The garden here is lovely, full of trees but unfortunately lots are dead and crowding the area. The garden has not been tended for many many years. So we got lovely Paul, the tree surgeon, in to tell me what was dead, could be saved or just tidied up. Paul has done half the garden so … Read more

September 2022 – Cersei starts school

Oh my, the heat is still on! Most days hitting 29 degrees but definitely cooler in the mornings, sometimes fog about 11/12 degrees. Which reminds me of the 15 panes of glass that are missing from the windows…eek! More about that later….  Cersei has started school …yay! And loves it  …whew! She has met a … Read more

July & August 2022 – And, we’re off!

Is it really over a month since we left leafy Lindfield for our new adventure? Well, from the first opening of the Manoir’s enormous door with an equally enormous key it has become an amazing adventure. I remember actually not quite believing it was truly ours for the first three weeks… a bit like an … Read more